Flea Market

Flea Market

Dear Flea Market Vendor,

The Kentucky Apple Festival will be held this year on October 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2017, in Paintsville Kentucky. We would like to invite you to participate in the Flea Market. The Flea Market will be located in the Main Street City Parking Lot (Parking Lot #1), Upper Level Parking lot in the Main Street City parking lot (Parking Lot # 2), City Parking Lot # 3, and College Street between 2nd Street and Main Street. We will have electric hook-ups for most lots. If you need electric service, please indicate this on your registration form. Please note that there is a $25.00 increase in lot fees compared to last year. If you have already prepaid your lot fee for 2017 from last year, we will honor your fee paid in full for this year.

The Cost for Spaces will be as follows:

10 ft X 10 ft —$150.00

10 ft X 20 ft —$225.00

10 ft X 30 ft —$300.00

10 ft X 40 ft —$375.00

10 ft X 50 ft —$450.00

10 ft X 60 ft —$600.00

A $50.00 deposit must be paid along with your registration form by June 1st, 2017. The rest of the balance must be paid by September 1st, 2017. No vendor, no matter what the circumstances, will be allowed into the festival unless they have complied with this September 1st deadline. If you have a reserved space, the balance must be in by this date or the space will be re-assigned and no fees will be returned. Please see attached for rules, banned items, and other set up information.

All fees must be in our hands by the September 1st deadline – no exceptions. Also, a registration table will be set up to pick up your permit to operate your booth. You may register by sending a money order or certified check for the rental fee made payable to the Kentucky Apple Festival.

For set up location and information, please call Larry Joe Wells, Vice-Chairman at 606-789-4859.


Kentucky Apple Festival

ATTN: Carol Francis

P O Box 1245

Paintsville, KY 41240


Call (606)789-4355 or write: Carol Francis, Flea Market Chairman

Kentucky Apple Festival

P O Box 1245

Paintsville, KY 41240

606-794-7979 email: carolj@foothills.net


Kentucky Apple Festival of Johnson County, Kentucky

Please read the following rules to help make our festival a safe, family-friendly one.
1. City Parking Lot # 1 and City Parking Lot # 2 may set up after 6:00 pm on Wednesday evening of the festival date.
2. City Parking Lot # 3 and vendors on College Street may set up after 6:00 pm on Thursday evening of the festival date.
3. Vendors are not guaranteed a space for their vehicle. Please indicate to me or Larry Joe if this is a need for you and we will take that into consideration when we assign your lot space.
4. If you ask for a 10X20 (for example), you will only receive this exact space. You cannot go beyond your vendor space either in front of, behind, or beside with racks or other display items. This includes pull out racks to display purses, etc. We need to leave space on the street for emergency vehicle access and for the safety or our festival goers. EVERYTHING MUST BE CONTAINED WITHIN YOUR BOOTH SPACE! We will remind you one time only and then you will be asked to shut down and leave.
5. Please be sure to read the banned items list carefully! Due to the fact that it so hard to police the amount of vendors that we have, you will be given no warning if caught selling any banned items. You will be asked to shut down and leave with no invitation to future festivals. If you have any questions about an item, please contact me or Larry Joe and we will help you with this. Just keep in mind that we made this list in the interest of the safety for our festival goers not to be restrictive, to you, the vendor.
6. We wanted to express again that we do have a deadline for applications and fees to be in for the festival. This year we are strictly enforcing this rule. There will be no last minute vendors allowed into the festivals – no exceptions. If you have paid a deposit, just make sure the balance and your application is in by the deadline. The deadline is September 1st, 2017. All fees and applications must be in by that date! We have business licenses and other paperwork that we must complete before the festival begins. To keep everything going smoothly, we are sticking to this deadline this year.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or Larry Joe at your convenience.
We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming festival and as always we are working to make sure that your setup and experience is a great one.

Carol Francis
Flea Market Chairman

Larry Joe Wells
Vice Chairman


Kentucky Apple Festival Of Johnson County – Paintsville, KY 41240

Dear Vendor,

In the interest of the safety of and comfort of the festival visitors, the following is a detailed list of items that cannot be sold during the Kentucky Apple Festival. If you are caught selling any of these items, you will be asked to shut down and leave the festival! If you are uncertain about selling an item, please contact me or Larry Joe before displaying them.

  1. Fireworks of any Kind
  2. Any obscene merchandise.
  3. Boot-legged merchandise.
  4. Exploding toilet seat.
  5. Vanishing Ink.
  6. Party string.
  7. Bomb Bags.
  8. Stink Bombs.
  9. Snap-n-pops.
  10. Colored Hair Spray.
  11. Laser Lights.
  12. Any type of martial arts supplies.
  13. Knifes or firearms; Exceptions are collectors Knives, Ex: UK Wildcat Collectors, Coal Miners Daughters, etc. Collectors Knifes can only be sold to person who are 18 years or older (NO MINORS).
  14. Balloons and inflatable items. They are to be sold by Dealers franchised by the Board of Directors. Balloons and inflatable items are not to be given away as prizes. Exceptions to this rule are water filled Yo-Yos, Sports Balls such as basketballs, Soccer balls, etc. Balloons given to the Apple Festival Visitors by the various businesses or organizations are free of charge for information purposes shall be exempt to the rule.
  15. Potato guns.
  16. Marshmallow guns.
  17. Any live animals, reptiles, or snakes
  18. Sling shot or any kind of projectile.
  19. Rubber bands
  20. No taser guns or products
  21. No tobacco related items or pipes of any type.
  22. No items that could be considered or used as drug paraphernalia.

Any vendor who wishes to place a bid on the Balloon franchise should place a written bid to the Board of Directors at least two months after the close of this festival. The franchise will be awarded to a vendor who will then sign a binding contract for the next festival.

To Print your Flea Market Registration Form, Click HERE


Thank You,

The Board of Directors

Kentucky Apple Festival

PO BOX 1245

Paintsville, KY 41240 or Call (606)794-7979