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Dear Apple Festival Friends,

Your organization is invited to enter a float in the 52nd Kentucky Apple Festival Parade on Saturday, October 4th, 2014. The 2014 theme is “A Basket Of Memories"”. All floats judged for competition should follow this theme.

$2250 in prize money will be awarded. Floats will be judged in three categories- The Golden Delicious Award for most original; The McIntosh Award for the most amount of work involved; and The Rome Beauty Award for neatness. Each winner will receive $750 and a beautiful golden apple trophy to display in their organization.

Floats judged for competition should be in line on Jefferson Avenue by 10:30 AM Floats will be judged between 11:00 AM and 12:00 Noon. Judging will be by three out-of-town judges and prizes will be awarded immediately after the judging has been completed. All floats must be registered before 5:00 PM on Thursday the 2nd, 2014. Please note – There are new Parade Rules that must be followed by all participating floats. There are no exceptions to the rules. Please call 789-8540 anytime and leave a message to register and receive a copy of the rules.

The Kentucky Apple Festival is a family event and we hope that you and your organization will join in the fun. Civic organizations, school groups, and church groups are encouraged to enter a float in the parade. As always, there is no entry fee. We look forward to seeing you and your family at the 52nd Kentucky Apple Festival on Saturday, October 4th, 2014.


Tina Webb, Parade Chairman
Phone: 606-789-8540

2014 Kentucky Apple Festival Parade  
Saturday, October 4th, 2014

2014 Theme "A Basket Of Memories"

( Floats must follow the Festival Theme to qualify for Awards)

Enter a Float in the Parade for Your School, Civic
Organization, or Business
$750 Prize Money Awarded in each of Three categories
No Entry Fees
Please Note : New Rules Apply for participation. Call 789-8540  ext. 11 after 1:00 PM , or leave a message,to register your float and receive a copy of the new rules. You must be registered before 5PM October 2nd, 2014.

 Kentucky Apple Festival Parade Guidelines

The Kentucky Apple Festival Parade is a family oriented event and as such, the Parade Chairperson has the right to disqualify any entry perceived as being in appropriate, unsafe, or not suitable for all family members. In any situation with legal implications, the Paintsville City Police Department will be the convening authority.


1.  All floats must register with the Parade Chairperson no later then the Wednesday before the Parade. No other float entries will be permitted.
2.  Schools, churches, civic organizations, or area businesses may enter a float.
3.  Floats that do not want to be judged should line up on Jefferson Avenue by 1:00 PM
4.  Floats that want to be judged for prize competition must follow the current year Apple Festival Theme and be in line on Jefferson Avenue by 10:30 AM.
5.  Floats will be judged by three out of town judges between 11:00 AM and 12 Noon. Winning floats will be notified immediately following the judging.
6.  Floats are required to have a fire extinguisher with their unit.
7.  The float drivers are required to have a current driver’s license and proof of liability insurance.
8.  Children riding on floats must have one or more adults on the float for supervision and safety purposes.
9. Anyone standing on a moving float is required to have fixed support.
10. No one, adults or children, may sit on the edge of a float with their legs hanging over the sides.
11. Smoking or the use of tobacco products on a parade float is prohibited.
12. Candy may not be thrown from a float. Representatives from
the sponsoring organization may walk beside/behind the float and either throw candy on the ground away from float or give candy to the crowd.
13. No Animals allowed in parade unless,
You acquire liability insurance for your animals then,
Attend an Apple Board meeting before that years parade.
Present the insurance to the Apple Board and Receive approval.
Parade Chairman will have a list of all those approved.

Cars/People in the Parade

1.  All cars in the Parade must be registered with the Parade Chairperson or in one of the Apple Festival sanctioned car shows. Drivers must have a current driver’s license and liability insurance.
2.  Signs or vehicles will not be provided.
3.  Cars will line up on Washington Avenue by 1:00 PM
4.  Car show cars and Crank it up winners must display identification on their vehicles.
5.  No dirt bikes or 4-wheelers are allowed.

Political Office Holders and Candidates

1.  Political officer holders will be allowed to ride under their currently elected title.
2.  Each political party, Republican or Democratic, will be invited
to sponsor a Parade Float on which all political candidates, not
currently  holding an elected position may ride and display their campaign signs.
Each person on the float is required to be registered with their
party representative, who will provide the Parade Chairperson with a list of candidates riding on the party’s float. These floats are not eligible for judging.
3.Political candidates may ride in the Parade with a group as a member of that organization. (For example, a baseball coach or a member of a club).
They may not display campaign signs or distribute campaign material during the Parade.

Beauty Pageant Winners

1.Beauty pageant winners may ride in the Parade under their currently
elected title. Only the winners of pageants will be allowed to ride. Please
note: If a child that was the winner of another pageant enters an
Apple Festival pageant and does not win, that child may ride in the
Parade under their previous title.
2.Children must be secured in vehicles and not sitting on top of any part of
an automobile.


1.  Motorcycles participating in the Parade must be a registered member of
     the Apple Festival sanctioned Motorcycle Show.. Stickers identifying
     motorcycles as participating in the Motorcycle Show must be displayed
     on one of their headlight lenses.
     (See attached rules for motorcycles and cars)


1.  Horses in the Parade must be part of an organized saddle club. A copy of
     the saddle club’s liability insurance policy must be presented at an Apple
     Festival Board Meeting.
2.  Each horse group must have a designated person to remove any horse
     droppings from
     the Parade Route.
3.  Individual horses that are not members of organized saddle clubs will be
     permitted if they are pulling a carriage or wagon. They too must have a
     designated person with them to remove any horse droppings from the
     Parade Route.
4.  Any horses participating in the Parade will be located at the back of the
5.  Horses must enter the Parade on Broadway from Woodland Terrace.
     Trailers may be
     parked in this area to accommodate easy access to the Parade route.
6.  Horse riders must be at least 16 years of age.

For the safety of the spectators and the interest of the exhibitor the following rules have been enacted.

A.  Unsafe acts such as wheel stands, burnouts or peel outs will not be tolerated during
      the exhibition of motor vehicles on the parade route.

B.  Accelerant gases shall not be used while on the parade route. Only normal fuel used to
     propel the vehicle may be used. Canisters, or storage cells, for these accelerant gases
     may be displayed. The use of such accelerants will disqualify the vehicle and the
     vehicle will be promptly removed from the parade route.

C. Gases used to emit flames from exhaust pipes shall not be used. Canisters, or storage
     cells, for these gases may be displayed. The use of such fuels will disqualify the
     vehicle and the vehicle will be promptly removed from the parade route.

D.  Distances shall be maintained in the parade route, no more than one car length. Lagging back or leaving extended
     distances between other vehicles is not allowed.

E.  The use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs by a vehicle operator constitutes an
     immediate offense. If use of such is suspected the vehicle will be removed from the
     parade route.

F.  Only participants of the organized event will be allowed in the parade. Participating
     vehicles will be identified by a distinguishable sticker on the right headlight of cars
     and on the right side of headlights of motorcycles. Vehicles found that do not have the
     sticker will be promptly removed from the parade route.

G. All occupants of the vehicle are the responsibility of the operator. All occupants
should be inside the vehicle in a safe location.

H. Throwing candy to children on the street is prohibited.Candy may not be thrown from any entry. Representatives may either walk beside / behind & give candy to the crowd or throw candy on the ground away from entry. This has become an unsafe act.
The protection of the children is of great importance.

Violation of the rules as set forth will constitute an on site citation to the operator of the vehicle and depending on the severity of the offense could result in arrest of the vehicle operator.

Operator of Vehicle                         Event: Car Show_______ Motorcycle Show_______

Name:____________________________         Date: _____   _____   _____

The safety of the vehicle operator and the spectators are of utmost importance. We strive to make these events accident free, exciting and fun for all. Thank you for supporting the above rules as this helps prevent any mishaps that may occur.

General Parade Rules

1.  No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will be permitted.
2.  The Parade will start between 1:30 and 2:00 PM..
3.  Parade entrants will move to the right of the street, stop, and remain  
     stopped allowing Emergency vehicles, such as ambulances, to pass.
4.  Upon completion of the Parade Route all entries will turn left off
     Third Street to West Street and right onto James S. Trimble Blvd.
     Parade units should exit across the bridge, where they may return to
     the line up area for disbursement or return to their designated
5..  No Parade entry is allowed to unload any participants on the Parade
     route, only at the appointed designated area. Any entry doing so will not be permitted to participate in next years parade.
6.  All float entries must be signed up with the Parade Chairman and
     approved on or before the Wednesday before the Parade.  No other
     float entries will be permitted.
7.  Any questions concerning the Parade Guidelines should be referred
     to the Parade Chairperson.
8.  The Apple Parade Chairperson and /or Festival Board of Directors
     reserves the right to change any of these guidelines without notice in
     the event of an emergency situation.